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BestBlinds & DecorFloors
Amin Dadabhay (Page 3)
Shop 5 Wedmore Building, Princess Street,
South Africa
Tel: +2733 342-1085
Fax: +2733 342-332
Suppliers and Installers of all types of purpose made Window Blinds and Laminate Flooring. NB: If any family member requires information regarding our products, we will gladly assist.

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D.I. Dadabhay Fabrics cc
Yusof, Fatima, Ayesha Dadabhay (Page 16)
24 Market Street, Johannesburg,
South Africa
Tel: +2711 834-5881
Wholesalers of Fabrics, Wools, and other textiles commonly used by Southern Africans.
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Gelatitalia SA (Pty) Ltd
Moosa, Zahir, Houssayn, Fatima Jean (Page 6)
208 Beyers Naude Drive, Risidale.
Tel: +2711 888-9888.
Manufacturers of Full Cream Italian Ice-cream, Frozen Yoghurt, Pure Fruit Sorbet,
Italian Kisses and a wide range of Ice-cream Desserts and Ice-cream Cakes.

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H & S
Haroon Surtee (Page 9)
Tel: +2711 837-0185

Cell: +2772 421 2270
Custom made kitchens and & cupboards. Professional & Guaranteed workmanship!

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Vaal Toyota Vereeniging
Yusuf Ismail Dadabhay (Page 33)
Sales Representative
(Work)+27 16 450 3414
(Cell)+27 82 786 7816

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